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The lovely people at Surrey Uni RDP ran an AcWriMo programme in November, for people to set goals and write All the Words in November. I did set some targets, and made progress towards these goals, but fundamentally November was a bit of a nightmare for writing. I didn’t manage to make it to a single event at uni, which was annoying as I could have done with some company.  Most of my writing was on trains or ferries or at train stations or ferry terminals, or in my car (not whilst driving, obviously!) On occasion, the views could be distracting:


So the question asked by the RDP blog is ‘What have you learned and where do you go from here?’

To which my response is:

Don’t expect to make much progress in a month which involves: teaching, renovating/decorating/furnishing a whole house (slightly time consuming, even when it’s not been me wielding the power tools and paintbrushes, so many decisions to make and shopping to do), taking kids to school open evenings, parent teacher interviews, car servicing/MOTs, multiple orthodontist appointments, selling a car (serious time suck), Christmas shopping, doing amendments to an ethics protocol, trying to organise a conference symposium, a muddy race and a standup comedy set to write and rehearse. On top of the usual chaos of family life, laundry, meals and food shopping for kids who can hoover up carbs faster than the speed of light. I did manage to complete my data entry though, I did it in the evenings when too tired to do anything else, in front of some property porn with a glass of wine…

Where do I go from here? I’m declaring AcWriJan instead, it’s going pretty well so far. Paradoxically, January is likely to be less breakneck in pace than November was. December was a bit of a write-off with lots more house stuff to order and organise (and a husband who is incapable of measuring a doorway before ordering a sofa…), a dose of the lurgy and Christmas stuff. I did complete my annual goal though of running 1000 miles, which I am very proud of, even though it required some serious determination during the final 2 weeks (and coughing up several lungs).

Anyway, I must get on with some more interview transcriptions, as I would really like to present some more of my findings from my Resolve to Walk study this year. The buzz round New Year’s resolutions at this time of year is a good reminder that I need to wrap up all the analyses from this study. Oh, the irony of having a resolution to finish a study about resolutions…Technically, the resolution part of this study isn’t strictly related to my thesis topic, but it’s too fascinating to ignore! Happy New Year!


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