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Running in quickly to post some posters

I just got back from a conference in London (ISPAH, International Society for Physical Activity for Health). It was an excellent conference with loads of interesting research and lots of interesting people to talk to. I’ll blog about the conference later, but before I forget I’ll just post my two posters which relate to my Running Commentary and Walk Jog Smile studies.

First off, here is my Walk Jog Smile poster, it’s a short summary of the study and an overview of the main results. I have lots more data to analyse so this is just the headlines!

Click here to see an expanded PDF version:

WalkJogSmile poster


I presented the second poster as an oral e-poster, which basically involved talking about it in 3 minutes. Not an easy task! This poster is about some interesting stuff I noticed when I was doing the qualitative analysis of the Running Commentary results. The words ‘running is…’ and ‘runners are…’ kept popping up and I dug into these a bit more and looked at how people used these different ideas to negotiate staying with running or dropping out. It was interesting to see how these ideas played out in different ways depending on other concepts people could bring in, or the type of running group or leader or sessions. There are also some practical recommendations which follow on from this, which after all is the point of research to me!

So here is my What They Talk About When They Talk About Running poster, click here for an expanded PDF version!

What they talk about when they talk about running poster

I’m very happy to get comments, questions or feedback on my posters, leave a comment or email or tweet me! Thanks for dropping by 🙂


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