Hello! I’m doing a PhD in psychology at Surrey University. My research looks at affective responses to exercise, i.e. how people feel during exercise and how we can help people feel better during exercise. This blog is a little bit about my research and a little bit about other PhD-related stuff.

If you would like to contact me:

my email address is k.kennedy@surrey.ac.uk

my academic webpage is here:  http://www.surrey.ac.uk/psychology/people/kennedy_katy/

I’m on Twitter @katyleighk

I also have a blog for my first PhD study ‘Running Commentary‘, which looked at beginner running groups and people’s experiences of starting to run with a group.

And finally, as if I didn’t have enough blogs already, there is one here for my New Year’s resolution study, Resolve to Walk


3 thoughts on “About/contact

      1. I have two – one set up just for the 23 things and one that I hope to develop as more of a research tool. If you land on the orla parslow blog you should find a link to the 23 things blog!

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