Talks, Posters, Public Engagement and Articles

Posters and conference talks

Poster at Surrey University Psychology department conference April 2014: proposed Running Commentary study

Talk at Surrey University Psychology department postgraduate conference and Postgraduate conference, April 2015 Preliminary qualitative results from Running Commentary study

Poster at International Society for Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity Edinburgh, June 2015 ‘I like to see the light at the end of the tunnel: qualitative field study findings on how anticipation of the end influences affective responses to exercise’

Poster at  HEPA 2016 in Belfast, poster and a discussion of some initial results from my Resolve to Walk study are here

Talk at the British Psychological Society Division of Sports and Exercise Psychology conference (wow, that sure rolls off the tongue!): ‘I’ve gone from a plus 2 to a minus 2 and a half in a matter of 5 minutes’: analysis of use of the Feeling Scale in a field study of outdoor beginner running groups. I don’t have a Powerpoint to put up for this talk because basically it was just a bunch of memes and me discussing how people understood the Feeling Scale in a realistic context. The Feeling Scale is a measure which does what it says on the tin: people use it to report how they’re feeling before/during/after exercise. Take home message: people found it difficult to understand what the Feeling Scale meant at first, but they quickly adapted, made the scale their own, and found it easy to use even in a difficult outdoor group environment

Two posters at the ISPAH (International Society for Physical Activity for Health) 2018 London conference:

the first was a quick summary of initial findings from my WalkJogSmile study

the second was from my Running Commentary study and was called What They Talk About When They Talk About Running (title shamelessly stolen from Haruki Marukami’s excellent book about running though yeah, he stole it too), this poster looked at the implications of beginner runners’ helpful and unhelpful beliefs about what running is.


Public engagement and outreach

Cafe Scientifique Woking (general audience)  November 2014 ‘The Psychology of Running’, where I talked about a paper on ‘the runner’s high’ (involving ferrets, like you do) and my Running Commentary study

Bright Club Guildford January 2015 (Stand-up comedy for researchers) It didn’t have a title, but if it did, it would have been something like ‘Why psychology questionnaires are all b*$^%ks’

Cafe Scientifique Guildford (general audience) January 2015  ‘How to set better New Year’s Resolutions’ This was an interactive event where I discussed a paper on the social psychology of goal setting and the audience discussed practical ways of implementing more effective resolutions using ideas from this paper

Co-organised Running Dialogues interdisciplinary seminar series on running and various themes, London March-June 2015

Talk at Running Dialogues interdisciplinary seminar June 2015 ‘How anticipation of the end influences affective responses to exercise’

Organiser of  Bright Club Guildford from 2015-1016, I’ve also compered a couple of Pint of Science events and a Cafe Scientifique evening: basically I really enjoy public engagement events!

Cafe Scientifique Woking (general audience) February 2018: research about New Year’s resolutions, and some results from my Resolve to Walk study

Developed and presented a sports psychology taster session (June 2018)  for year 9 boys at the University of Surrey (the toughest of audiences!), looking at what sports psychology is, the concept of flow in sport and exercise, and hands-on activities about the questions psychology can ask and answer and the methods which can be used in these questions

Cafe Scientifique Woking (general audience) September 2018 Panel on running motivation and how to pick the best running shoe

Bright Club Guildford March 2019 (Stand-up comedy for researchers) What Have I Learnt So Far and Where Do I Go From Here (about my PhD studies)

Hosted #ukrunchat Twitter discussion February 2018 about beginner runners

Twitter (767 followers): I won a prize for tweeting (ISBNPA 2017) and runner-up best conference tweet (HEPA 2016)


General public: articles, blog posts and contributions

This blog! (1,385 views, 849 visitors) 39 posts, most about research related to my PhD

I wrote a piece for The Slant, which is a collection of articles collated by Zova (a health and fitness company with a cool app). I thought I’d give a couple of evidence-based suggestions for how to enjoy exercise more (or feel better about it afterwards). The internet is awash with some great ideas for how to exercise more, but I’m not sure the suggestions here have received much attention

Guest blog for the UCL Digi-Hub digital research and behaviour change blog on research at the ISPAH 2018 conference

Contributed to a piece by Alex Hutchinson for the Globe and Mail on affective responses to exercise

Article about how to set New Year’s resolutions on fetcheveryone (online running community) January 2014

Article on Green Parent magazine on learning about snow (yes it’s random, so is parenting)


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